New partner for security solutions

Starting shot for the cooperation with Airlock

High-sensitive data, system-critical workflows and special security-requirements. The cooperation of kalbeck ventures and the Swiss-based IT security service provider Ergon targets applications and web solutions with exactly those requirements.


The value of words in digital media

Social Media, Self-display and speed - that leaves little space for big words. An excursion into the absurdities of digital communication.

From buzzwords to business models

IoT as the old economy's guide into the future

Major shift of the technological rules of the game or nothing more than the next big thing? In order to make legitimate use of IoT it requires more than an awful lot of features - it requires fun and convenience. And a large helping of strategy.

The customer as a colleague

Agile Project Collaboration as a Trump

Agile project management involves the customer as an active collaborator - as an enabler, feedback provider or input giver. Rapid development cycles and technological progress require processes that lead to the best possible solution .

CRM with anger assurance

Getting rid of any client

Is the customer supposed to be the king? Oh, come on. The customer is an applicant and has to be treated like one. provides instructions for the most efficient way to lose clients.

Facts vs. Understanding

Areas of conflict in technology communication

Comprehensible, geared to the target group, and user-orientated is what technology has to present itself with to be able to compete in the fight for attention. The following examples show possible ways how this is done.

Agile Projects at Work

Agile Customer Collaboration in Everyday Work

With, provides a key tool for the distribution of tasks and prioritization of process in agile projects.

Gamification sells

All we want to do is play

We all only want on thing and that is to win. The advertising industry is well aware of this and builds use of the basic principles in games for its personal purpose.
An introduction to gamification.

Crossmedia Campaigning

The right mix of media

New media, Old media, or Social media – doesn’t matter, all are considered different forms of media. All integrated reasonably in what crossmedia campaigns are really about. A Guidance to responsibly integrating media.

Trust me!

Credibility and the web

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.
On the web, delusion and disguise are masterly performed and can be difficult for users to evaluate which source is reliable. How credible is the Web after all?

Haute Digitale

Web Luxury

Managing to transport exclusive experiences in a democratic medium - as the web may sound absurd. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed to stand out from the crowd.

Represented 1/2

Presentation No-Gos

The presentation software of personal trust might serve well - whether the result is good or not it is affected by the human component not the electronic one.

Sensible worlds of experience

Communication for all senses

Man is a sensual being. He is able to see, hear, taste and smell for his whole life. Why should advertising stop him from doing that?

Represented 2/2

Pimp my slide

The first step into using the full potential of presentations is to try and avoid making mistakes yet there is a lot more to come. In-house best practice examples demonstrate innovative and practical ways of visualization.

Against the stream

Breaking through digital standards

Between the norm and taking risk to reach beyond the regular, lies a very fine line that drives respectable web design. Though standards are often inevitable to uphold, individualization must transpire at all times where it is applicable.

Washed Green

The Greenwashing Business

The awareness of both sustainability and ecological efforts has become more and more of a central aspect regarding appropriate corporate management. However, cheating within these efforts for the benefit of having a positive reputation can also put a lot into question.