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The first step into using the full potential of presentations is to try and avoid making mistakes yet there is a lot more to come. In-house best practice examples demonstrate innovative and practical ways of visualization.
Managing to reduce the bare essentials is the foundation of a crisp presentation. This was made pretty clear in part 1 of the guide (
. But apart from text-based information, there are numerous other features and methods used for visualization. These give the special touch to a presentation and allow it to be key to differentiation from the mass in business.

Letting images speak

There are of course numerous facts, important information and incredibly exciting details about your company that are absolutely worth sharing with the audience. But for this load of long, extensive tales and numerations, a presentation is not quite the appropriate place to do it.

When it comes to presenting various company locations make sure to skip the tidied up list of places, contact information, and location visualization. If you desire to display store sites in a reduced manner, one approach is to make use of simple dots spread over the visually known shapes of geographical terrains. If this is still considered to be too flashy for somebody, he can add further graphical amendments to an image to then provide it with significance. The color accentuation of specific contours comes across rather lush and visualizes concrete statements.

Frank Stahl Standorte 3D
Ganz ohne Worte zeigt die Karte als 3D-Modell die Verfügbarkeit des Unternehmens in Europa

If this kind of presentation is too minimalistic, other graphical styles of representation can be used as well. In order not to spell a full country’s name - abbreviate it or depict it with the ever-identical flag. Characteristic features as such lend themselves for unique recognizability. Famous sights, architectural peculiarities or other distinct milestones allow for clear associations with a region, country or culture.

Schönherr Visualisierung Standorte
Die Nutzung bekannter Landmarks schafft einen willkommenen Unterschied zur langweilig gewordenen Flaggendarstellung

If doing specific things in a big way is on the top priority list of the agenda, then that is a requirement which must be met. With the appropriate resources in hand – if their usage bears a well-balanced proportion to the intended result - a simple presentation can become a company’s flagship project for media competence.

First Mallorca 3D Map
Opulenz pur - durchaus aufwändig, aber auch entsprechend beeindruckend kann Standortvisualisierung sein

Using the CI

It is not for nothing that each and every company relies on – at least the basics of – a certain choice of color, symbolism, logo definitions and wordings, which are geared at being remarkable. So why not communicate this defined identity?

In efforts of using corporate colors, a graphic can become a communicative tool that is unmistakably ascribable to the company – no matter what an individual is confronted with. Not only by colors, but also by the directionality and purpose of a company, intensively high rates and optimizing visualization is of much significance.

Fairplane Status
Nicht nur die Corporate Identity, sondern die gesamte inhaltliche Ausrichtung spiegeln sich sichtbar in der Präsentation wider

Fairplane Flugzeug
Ein Diagramm der etwas anderen Art zeigt die prozentuale Aufteilung eines Umstands unter verschiedenen Fluglinien

Explaining step by step

One has to be cautious when employing complex issues into a presentation. The recipient’s cognitive resources will eventually be exhausted and his attention is drawn – if anything – to matters that are easier to comprehend.

In order to manage to still get the complex topics across, it is very useful to gradually raise the degree of details. From a more general perspective, descriptive visualizations can steadily shift to more and more precise versions – or vice versa. Thus, the recipient runs a chance to relate to the coherences and understand the dependencies of those appearances.

Orange Queueing System
Die grafische Darstellung des Queueing Concept in den Corporate Colors

Orange Queueing System Detailansicht
Der direkte Zoom In zeigt Details des Konzepts und baut auf die Orientierung durch das vorhergehende Bild auf

Processing purposefully

Corporate and image presentations are normally shaped with positive stimulus schemes and brim over with a good mood, happy people and carefree situations. Oftentimes it is not only possible but also helpful to break with these conventions. Architectural peculiarities, properties’ or other building illustrations are suitable for being rehashed as a 3D model.

Simultaneously to the verbal aspects, highlighting the constructional elements leads to a basis for the virtual walkthrough that could accompany the talk. By processing in 3D, the graphical counterpart is even closer to the original and conveys realistic impressions.

WKO Kühlsegel
Durch die subtile Hervorhebung der thematisierten Aspekte ergänzen Präsentation und gesprochener Inhalt einander optimal

The skillful play with perspectives or the straight use of animations and motion, rotation or zooms - eventually shows the potential of proper preparation.

Being specific

It is not always the case that the resources last for turning a presentation into an extravaganza for all purposes. But certain kinds of details, subtleties and specific refinements can convey that special something, too, without having to invest an outstandingly high amount of time, staff, or energy. Each company possesses a focal message, a peculiar image aspect or a representative everyday item – once this is found, it can then easily be implemented into the presentation in most cases; the more subtle this takes place, the higher the surprise effect for the recipient.

What could, for example, be more representative for a recruiting company that offers tailored solutions for employers and clients than a measuring tape? For the marking of values in graphs, the measuring tape can also be applied inconspicuously but concise, and therefore transports one of the company’s core values – entirely without words.

Powerserv Maßband
Die Nutzung des repräsentativen Maßbands gibt der Präsentation Charakter und direkten Bezug

Those who assume they have managed to use the full potential of a presentation have most likely not done so. We, too, have nowhere near arrived at the end – but while trying to, we would be pleased to take you with us.

Too long; didn't read

Creating use of the potential of a presentation requires more than just the avoidance of mistakes. For, five concrete aspects rank among the practical and go as follows:
  • Letting images speak
  • Using the CI
  • Explaining step by step
  • Processing purposefully
  • Being specific

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