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Where are we going?How do we get there? And why do we even care?
Without a doubt: Magic is inspiring.

We’re not speaking about the 17th dove that appears out of a hat. We’re also not speaking about the virgin whose torso is supposedly dissected in addition to her arms, legs, and neck. Rather, we are speaking of magic; of surprise and amazement - of an unprecedented performance that remains in our minds.

We want to amaze.

But in order to do so, it is not enough to sell what is familiar and known in the light of a novelty. In order to arouse, we need the original form of enthusiasm that let us begin new adventures as children each day; and with this road we „further“ is what we call advise.

Increasing relevance by asking the right questions

Advise has made a clear point of replying to the following three questions: Where are we going? How do we get there? And why do we care?

Die drei relevanten Fragen der Unit advise: Wohin gehen wir? Wie kommen wir dorthin? Und wozu wollen wir das überhaupt?

Traditional, and oftentimes quantifiable factors such as conditions of the market, business models, along with target groups, merge into the question of “where”. The implementation of these dimensions is the question of “how”, whether it be in the form of cycle optimization, process efficiency or workflow management systems. And what is this all for? To amaze.

At the end of the day it is not about technology, rather it is about the human factor that wants to be amazed.

This does not only include short-term trends and current hypes but also establishes patterns and timeless movements from the past. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Aristotle’s types of temper are more than just relevant subject matters from school days - they make recommendations for the social interaction with people in very diverse situations. At the end of the day this is what its about, it’s not about technology - it’s about people.

We are not the first ones who have failed at this task and we won’t be the last ones either. But that is okay. The phenomenon of failure is nothing more than the valuable possibility of gaining new experiences. Those who have never failed have probably never been brave enough - or should give away their secret. Such experiences can be turned into worthwhile knowledge, which indicates what actions pledge success and which of them are doomed from the very start. Failure must not be perceived as an absolute condition rather it should be seen as a milestone on the way to breakthrough. Rome, too, was not built in… well, you know.

Reaching specific results via abstraction

In order to reach the optimal operation of a project, the abstraction of existing conditions contributes to allowing parting from the chaos of clichés and industry standards. At the same time, the strategic aim of the project has to always be kept in mind. Therefore, the funded expertise in the field of both create and engineer is required. Only then, a single mind can theoretically manage to develop a machine that can also prove itself in practice - and not only produce hot air.

To be accused of being a linguistic producer of this very air is a constantly faced risk. Often times, the beautiful words, supposedly hard information, theories and trends, tend to appear like a hiding spot on the surface. Indeed, a trend might sometimes be enough to make a launch successful. However, this is far from proving that this issue makes any sense and, thus, maintains relevance beyond the specific trend. Advise stabilizes itself on the experience in the concrete actions of both the units create and engineer, yet also manages to raise the claim of generating approaches individually and create something meaningful. Design per se is nothing more than design; software per se is nothing more than software. However, advise gives those tangible results a very fundamental motive, a comprehensible purpose, and a clearly set goal. This is exactly what makes the difference in the end: create and engineer alone are nothing more than what they are; advise, too, is boneless by itself. If you manage to combine those three pillars, you get an accumulated difference, which has a large impact and is at the end what counts.

Reaching functionality via timelessness

Day to day we witness projects hitting the wall at full speed. With the benefit of hindsight, the reasons appear to be clear and obvious - but in the height of the fight we tend to overlook them. Stepping out of the event is the essential move that accounts for good consulting and a high level of service. While the implementation is the task create and engineer, advise - from a healthy distance - shows the way on the potential for success or failure of an idea in further consequence.

For that reason, we consider it essential not to get lost in current trends and hypes, rather think of those elements as valid at all times and have managed to establish themselves over periods of time. In the end, the customer is looking for a stable, effective and relevant result in the long-run. This cannot be provided by someone who continuously hangs on to industry clichés; and also not by someone who gets lost in philosophical theories and ends up settling for theoretical feasibility.

Our approach

From concepts to various market launches, provides comprehensive consulting that goes beyond the envelope of the respective areas of expertise; perfectly suitable for anyone who wants to look beyond the horizon and explore an undiscovered environment.’s core competences include the following areas:

  • Technology Consulting / Innovation Development

  • Communication Consulting

  • Market and Brand Analysis

  • R&D Cooperations

  • Business Development

  • Startup Development

Too long; didn't read

Whether it is classical or outdated; conscious of trends or deceived by them - neither trends nor tradition can succeed across the board in their uttermost pure form. Therefore, connects the factors of both extremes into a long-term relevant and efficient product. While services and results of create and engineer per se are nothing more or less than what they are, advise provides those tangible results with appropriate added value due to specific motives, purposes and a goal. Only by combining those three pillars can we achieve a solution that truly amazes.

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