The KAIDOO product series

Digital precision tools

Highly specific functionality, optimal symbiosis, and developmental efficiency allow kaidoo:screen, kaidoo:things, kaidoo:CMS, and kaidoo:data to be transformed into tailored and up scale technology tools in the area of digital manufacturing. kaidoo:slides and kaidoo:mag complement the product series as the valuable solutions.


Cross Platform UX App Engine

Any screen publishing within the digital self-conception for convergence function on all levels; from app or game, to rich media, presentation systems and digital magazine. For mobile, desktop, browsers and dedicated devices.


Content & Design Management System

The customized content management system is an extendable basis for the development of web systems. Focus on all of the stakeholders: flexible design and layout specialized editing interfaces and UX-oriented front-end features.


Digital Magazine Publishing Solution

Corporate Publishing requires high quality content, optimized publishing workflows, a customized CD, a compliant design and a big portion of staging.
Basically, kaidoo:mag.


Corporate Presentation Management System

Definition as a solution - a particular version of kaidoo:screen allows for the use of the kaidoo:CMS as a presentation management system for the central distribution of high quality content.