kaidoo:slides Präsentation Management System for Corporate Publishing

Präsentation Management System for Corporate Publishing


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Definition as a solution - a particular version of kaidoo:screen allows for the use of the kaidoo:CMS as a presentation management system for the central distribution of high quality content.

The problem

Not just due to graphical or contextual refinement, rather due to already the big bulk of guidelines and standards can turn an allegedly simple business presentation into one with unclear conclusions. Qualitative goals such as elegance, reduction and intensity get lost throughout multiple instances. Corporate design and wording, tonality, as well as the choice of assets are basically predefined, however cannot get together coherently in digital representation.

The solution

kaidoo:slides integrates all the available and relevant parameters consciously so as to provide exclusiveness on each level for all devices. Presentations as such are centrally maintainable and, therefore, updateable upon a single click at the very last second. It renounces the common eye-catchers to the benefit of the professional business character; the elements that stage the content in the critical moment instead of just distracting from it are all called into account.

Directly in-house or at an external meeting with a client, kaidoo:slides allow for a friction-free functionality on diverse devices – without any distortions, crops, or unintended overlaps. Forwarding a presentation takes place via links in the simplest case; by request, also the very secure access with login data or limitation to a certain set of computers is also possible.

The service

When assigning a project to kalbeck.media, the very first step is the transfer and extension of the corporate design for the deployment within the digital area. Textual elements, infographics and other visual elements are tailor-made with the CD as a basis, however specifically for the digital implementation. Hereafter, existing corporate presentations are analyzed, weaknesses and strengths are worked out and an optimized version is conceptualized and designed. Special attention is drawn to the usage of the creative potentials of the solution. From this, it follows that elements for a presentation master are derived, which, in much further consequence, allows for an autonomous creation process at the highest qualitative and exclusive level possible.
Users can, depending on their authorization, view or edit content. Core modifications are loaded via updates when a connection to the internet is established. Optionally, the user has the possibility to interact with authorized viewers via a messaging system during the speech - e.g. to answer questions or collect resp. respond to comments. When sharing several presentations, individual elements can be personalized and branded.

kaidoo:slides is a holistic solution and includes the deployment of the server infrastructure, the hosting of the application and the deployment of the app as such, that it is customized to the client’s requirements in design and functionality. Unlimited functionality and aesthetics on every device ranks among the core elements of the software. By request, monthly reports of visits can be complied and segmented into areas, age groups, devices, dwell time, or even dwell time per any given slide.

The target group

Large sales-focus companies get a transparent insight into the knowledge of which content generates the largest interest. Also consulting businesses in the legal, financial or insurance industry, also profit from the central maintenance and the possibility of distributing to customers. Institutions for education and training are able to benefit from the provision and guarantee of a consistent visual appearance.

The features

kaidoo:slides was developed to counteract the common deficiencies of the current presentation landscape. The software system, thus, operates on three levels:


  • Quality control by structuring publishing processes
  • Central maintenance and approval of presentations, collections and rights
  • Elaborated rights management
  • Actuality by central, cloud-based dissemination and automated synchronization
  • Controlled dissemination processes via app or online
  • Detailed user tracking and reporting


  • Upscale, consistent appearance due to customization of the whole application (choice of presentations, interaction elements, distribution process via web and mail etc.)
  • Homogenous overall image due to full control over layout, illustrations, infographics and textual content
  • Creative professionalism of user generated content
  • Staging of the content without sensationalism


  • Any Screen (full functionality on all established platforms and devices)
  • Responsive design with focus on assurance of positions and the overall picture
  • Bidirectional communication (speaker - viewer, viewer - speaker))
  • Offline availability for desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Optional Chromecast connectivity (extension with displays as preconfigured, permanently available corporate presentation clients without third-party hardware)

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