The KAIDOO product series Digital precision tools

Digital precision tools

The KAIDOO product series

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Highly specific functionality, optimal symbiosis, and developmental efficiency allow kaidoo:screen, kaidoo:things, kaidoo:CMS, and kaidoo:data to be transformed into tailored and up scale technology tools in the area of digital manufacturing. kaidoo:slides and kaidoo:mag complement the product series as the valuable solutions.

Digital handcraft

The years of working with the potentials, challenges, and obstacles faced in the digital media world has revealed the need of visual and technological quality. In order to achieve a high quality segment, it is necessary to start at the very basis by working out and integrating unique selling points.

For this reason, has been developing countless products for the past 15 years under the brand “kaidoo”. They come together in a comprehensive overall picture and still manage to operate as modular and autonomous products. They offer solutions for all those tasks that have not yet been able to be accomplished with conventional means in an efficient way or even at all. From rendering engines in 3D visualization, to tailored content management systems, to ultimately any screen publisher into a digital magazine.

When products are produced for a customer, the licenses are assigned in compliance with the project definition and allow for an autonomous operation. Due to the independent development of technologies, both adaptions and adjustments can easily be carried out and efficiently made. There is no one else that knows better than us when it comes to the potentials of our products – and too what extent they can be stretched to their limits.


Any screen publishing via multi platform engine

Due to the variety of devices, types of publication, and fields of application of our time push kaidoo:screen to peak performance. Originally developed as technology for the construction of rich media websites, the engine has become a digital all rounder over periods of time. Mobile, desktop, and browser are all supported, where data is aggregated and administrated centrally.

Areas of application are desktop, tablet, web, or mobile apps; rather they are also games, rich media applications, presentation systems or digital magazines. Form and functions were tested on Windows and Mac desktops, Smart TV, Blackberry, Andriod, and iOS: checked and approved.

Sneak Peek:
  • Any Screen (Android, iOS, Windows & Mac Desktops, Smart TV, Blackberry, Desktop-Websites)
  • Datadriven (Client/Server, InAppDB)
  • Extendable & Modular
  • Maintenance via central CMS
  • Content Representation Components
  • Skinning
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • IP Protection & Security (Obfuscation & Encryption)
  • Rich Media centric (Video, Audio, 3D, Animation)


Custom content and design management system

With kaidoo:CMS, Kalbeck media takes the path of a tailor-made content management system. Content is not only published in this way, but is also staged according to its format, requirements and nature. Design, layout and front-end features are flexible at the maximum while the specialized editing interfaces simplify the handing. Heterogeneous data sources can be both interpreted and integrated at will in order to no only be shown as the website’s but also as an app’s content in just a single step.

Sneak Peek:
  • Tailored Editing Interfaces
  • Multi Output Renderer for Apps, Web, Mags etc.
  • Responsive Layouts & Output Rendering
  • User Rights Management
  • Rich Media Editing
  • SEO, human-readable & adaptable URLs
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Central Maintenance for external Data Sources
  • Extendable / Customizable
  • L10N


Digital corporate publishing with added value

Communicating more personally and frequently without any loss of quality and credibility are the requirements needed for digital media to put companies in a quandary: social media quick short or rather well-conceived print project? The software kaidoo:mag brings the quality aspects of a print magazine in line with the multi-faces of digital media; it causes corporate publishing to grow up.

Content and appearance of the digital magazine do not only reflect the values but also the quality awareness of the whole company. Settling for mediocrity in this matter turns a mouthpiece full of potential into one of a random advertising statement. With kaidoo:mag as a basis the user-relevant assertions reach their acknowledgement in journalistic articles as well as in the digital corporate design. This design conveys an exclusive image of the brand and company. Those who want attention have to provide added value – kaidoo:mag provides the technological and visual basis for that.

Sneak Peek:
  • Multiple Languages
  • Dynamic Template Engine
  • Rich Media Integration
  • Live Rendering (charts, infographics etc.)
  • Multiple Approval Levels and Cycles
  • Article- or edition-based Publishing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Device Functionality
  • In-App Updates
  • Integration of external Data Sources


Presentation system for business & corporate

Though the professionalism of a presentation is only partially based on the written and visual content, one should still not have to worry about this. A compelling corporate design, which is up to date with content as well as the visual aesthetics, allow for a good first impression that is not any less convincing once perceiving it a second time.

kaidoo:slides is a software for the design and administration of presentations, that focuses on exclusiveness - for all devices, on all levels.

Apart from the visual appearance, central maintenance, individual access authorization and transparent updates, are the components that vest kaidoo:slides diverse fields of application. Whether it is via beamer in the meeting room, via table in the café, or via smartphone, kaidoo:slides shows a consistent graphic and subtly staged image. Besides hosting, both technology and app are a monitoring service which can be included upon request.

Sneak Peek:
  • Presentation Management via Collections
  • Custom URL Creation
  • User Rights Management
  • Magic Lense (zoom, x-ray, focus of attention etc.)
  • Parallax
  • Quality Control (structured publishing process)
  • Exclusivity (total layout, infographics, information design)
  • Any Screen
  • Reporting System (region, age, devices, time spent etc.)


Communication platform for smart home application

Curious? Stay tuned, we are about to gladly add further information soon.

Sneak Peek:
  • Hardware-vendor independent
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Easy Implementation of new Communication Protocols
  • ITTT Style Rules Creation
  • On-Board Data Logging / Persistence
  • Secure Authentication
  • Encrypted Communication
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