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Digital Corporate Publishing with Added Value


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The biggest potential that can be achieved in digital media, is at the same time the biggest risk. Users want to be entertained more often, in a far more personal manor, and on the profession level they are aware of - as well as apart from print.
However, companies do not necessarily have the focus to grow on this topic from the very basis. Corporate publishing, therefore, follows the intention to establish the use of potential in digital media in the corporate sense and in a contemporary understanding. Digital magazines should not be treated as an orphan of a printed version rather they are rated as valuable measures that can be in great domination over their comparable counterparts in terms of actuality, interaction, bi-directionality and exclusiveness.

With kaidoo:mag, corporate publishing grows up.

Relevancy for users and companies

One should not only publish for the sake of presence, rather one should transport useful messages to the user and focus primarily on quality. It reflects the company and through this also is able to communicate the values to the reader in texts, images, and in the overall composition. Software as such cannot be a guarantee for that, however it presents the content in the proper light in order to give it the sort of visual significant it already has on the content-side.

Worthwhile alternatives to conventional advertising

Whether in the realm of luxury properties, in that of finance or in the image building for brands – numerous industries, bold and simple advertisements appear to be inappropriate. Corporate publishing draws on just that, since commercial statements can be part of the communication that consist of help, knowledge-driven or even entertaining articles that are proved by journalistic contributions. The respect for handling the reader’s attention cries for credibility and quality. The user wants to be approached, but not just with a dull slogan or an exaggerated call to action.

Creating differences in design and content

A corporate publishing project such as a digital magazine is suitable for all concerns that are more than just a simple claim. But oftentimes, publications lack a well-thought and consistent digital corporate design. The result, the same old story, is a deal break for corporate publishing and leads to missing discriminability due to the missing of unique selling points in both design and composition. Tailored content systems with individual templates, along with the focus on layouts and homogenous integration of rich media elements do not only look good, but also remain positively in people’s minds.

Value for publishers and readers

On the editors’ side, multiple levels and cycles of approval care for the internal quality assurance. The choice of whether to publish something based on editions or based on articles can be done and controlled at ones own will. Even external data sources can be easy to implement and through this present infographics, charts, or even other real-time visualizations on all established devices. On the user-side, the option of multilingualism makes for the basis of successful communication and the social media integration instigated the initiation and monitoring of scattering countless effects.

kaidoo:mag enables companies to transport their message to the target group in a form of originally added value via a welcome mouthpiece; whether it be a digital employer, customer or acquisition magazine.

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