Any Screen Publishing with the App Engine

Any Screen Publishing with the App Engine

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Any screen publishing within the digital self-conception for convergence function on all levels; from app or game, to rich media, presentation systems and digital magazine. For mobile, desktop, browsers and dedicated devices. .
The continuously rising variety of devices, forms of publications and fields of application in our time push kaidoo:screen to peak in its performance. As it is a originally developed technology established for the creation of rich media websites as well as thick clients functionality, the engine has become all-round digital over time.

Mobile, desktop and browsers are supported.
Data is aggregated and administered centrally
Publishing as apps, games, rich media applications, presenters or digital magazines.
On Windows and Mac devices, on Android, iOS, Blackberry and on Smart TV.

From the usecase to the versatile deployment

What by now could bear the clumsy name of “UX oriented multi platform rich media app engine” has once again started as a technology for the construction of rich media websites. By observing the increasingly widespread demands, the internal and external requirements as well as the potential of this industry, has caused kaidoo:screen to become a rapidly developmental project.

For any eventuality

Central aggregation for various platforms

With the new devices, and types of publishing along with the fields of application has caused software to escalate into a diversely applicable tool that sticks to its structural and basic elements. This has created a solid foundation for further extensions. Hence, independently from the final components and their individual combination, the data is stored and maintained centrally. The way in which kaidoo:screen ultimately faces the user depends on the specific requirements. Up until now, nothing has been left to desire.

The most important features at a glance:
  • Any Screen Publishing (Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone/iPad, Desktop Windows/Mac, Smart TV, Blackberry, Desktop Websites)
  • Datadriven (Client/Server, InAppDB)
  • Extendable & Modular
  • Maintainable via central CMS
  • Content Representation Components (CRC)
  • Skinning
  • Bandwidth Optimized Deployment
  • IP Protected & Secured (Obfuscation & Encryption)
  • Rich Media centric (Video, Audio, 3D, Animation)

Straight Talk

Less expenditure of time, more difference

Time and uniqueness offer users of the software to profit in the form of expenditure. Specifically made to measure with a focus on design and UX results in a solution that is intuitively operable. Due to the connection of a central CMS, the product is maintainable and also extendable.

Individual Skinning and Design

The high level of customization allows for adapting functions and functionalities according to the individual requirements. In addition, the individual skinning not only conveys exclusiveness but also targets a maximum amount of user-friendliness.

Security of the System, Data and IP

Obfuscation and encryption are integrated into the system and cater for the client-side security of the system, the data, and the IP again unauthorized access in secure web surroundings. Especially in competition-driven industries, this would mean an importance measure for the prevention of imitation.

Minimized latencies, smooth transitions

The optimization of the bandwidth facilitates minimized latencies as well as smooth and fluent transitions that are basic requirements due primarily to the original focus on rich media.

Dreams of the future?

New areas of application and integration

With each and every project, with each task, with every new requirement, kaidoo:screen is growing. It does not only introduce new perspectives to known areas of operation but also manages for completely new implementations easily. Extensions in the TV or automotive industry are not only at this point imaginable but also feasible on demand.

We are more than glad to be convinced of further possibilities, news dimensions and broader areas of application. The result will, in any case, be a customer-specific product with a huge potential for unique characteristics.

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