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Creativity is more than the search for finding the dazzling idea; for a random victory.
When the first actual video of a flashmob started to go around, you probably also stood there with a big open mouth. With no sign of the term “flashmob” in sight yet, it already cast a spell over all of us - elements of surprise, emotion and with a story. As fast as the phenomenon arose, it was imitated and through this slowly lost its original effect to endless numbers of reproductions. Nevertheless, this first flashmob generated a momentum that caused massive effects on the general public.

Other creations can also allow for such a memorable moments - through imagination, surprise and custom solutions. wants to try and create such experiences for you.

To us, creation is more than just the search for a dazzling idea; more than a quick and random victory. We consider creativity a structured process that represents the most efficient way to implement a strategic goal.

Staging the meat

Sociocultural developments are forcing agencies to compress information. With growing medialization at a steadily rising pace, information ceases to be grasped cognitively - we receive information without properly reflecting it.

In order not to harm valuable information through compulsory reduction, one must find a limit to the essentials and provide a maximum amount of space for this essence to unfold. Through all levels of composition of communication, the staging of the most relevant content is paramount - be it the increased usage of white space, the activation of multiple senses, or the implementation of other luxury goods of creation. Information in its raw form is not enough to capture attention, in order to be perceived one has to entertain. We do not see our responsibility in the processing of information but rather in the creation of products, experiences, and stories.

We receive without reflecting.

Convincing all along the line

At, creation is the contextual frame that allows connection to occur between all components. We enable integrated products and sides, accompanied with two areas of competence. A website’s setup can be completed in advance with the development of corporate design and then lead to a launch event. We strive for the maximum amount of creative competence by committing to a team that covers all fields of creation and is still small enough for quality craftsmanship to be a given.

Die Kombination der drei Kompetenzbereiche bei ermöglicht ganzheitliche Auftritte nach jedem Geschmack

Combining Competences

At the end of the day, this form of staging allows us to be storytellers and the creation itself to become the story. What exactly this story looks like is defined for each customer individually. Advise acts as a consultant in the creation of an opportunity of action in which anything can occur; communication is never happening for its own sake but functions as a goal that must be reached. Engineer allocates the basis where everything takes place. We define its nature and state ourselves by building our own tools of production and creation from the CMS to the rendering engine. Only with technological competence can we ensure creation is reached in the way it was intended.

Our approach stands for the convergence of the essentials of individuality and suitability for the mass; of both the old and the new. Therefore, customers can appeal to the entire repertoire of creation:

  • UX / Interface Design

  • Information Design

  • 3D

  • Branding

  • Concept

  • Corporate Design

  • Copywriting / Communication

  • Motion Media / Rich Media

Why not add rich media or 3D elements to your web presence in order to shape it in a more user oriented and interactive way? Will this then generate interest and attention? Why not just integrate unconventional elements into the corporate design, and let your stationery impress the customer before he can even attend to the content? Why not just convince him?

We do not just fulfill requirements - we provide solutions.

Too long; didn't read

Information in all of its sides tends to expire to reduction in our media-driven and fast-paced surroundings. Only with individual-, addressor-, and recipient-specific implementation can it still be maintained with value. With the conscious staging of essentials, enables the biggest possible room for development in the creation of products, experiences and stories. Our basic principle is based on the approach of being custom-made in all areas in order to meet the highest requirements for quality and comprehensiveness.

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