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Know-how, experience and establishment are differentiating factors from startup to an approved company. starts those off who want to take the plunge. With full commitment, we are able turn ideas into actual realities.
The essence of an innovative idea, a big portion of enthusiasm and a pinch of financing - voilá: a startup company. Or is there anything else that is required?

The basic recipe for a capable startup is, by itself, easily and imitable without difficulty- provided that we ignore the sociocultural factors. And the psychological ones. And the structural, the legal, the temporal, … you understand where this is going. Circumstances of any kind can indeed spoil things for a company.

The efficient launch of a startup requires far more; for example, a competent partner with longstanding experience and an insight into the industry.

Looking for a difference accompanies startups by generating over development and realizing promising ideas. Our daily works also consist of bringing in-house startups into the market. Therefore, every single stakeholder thinks and acts consciously as an entrepreneur - after all, each of these products must assert itself and be profitable in the end.

We are efficient and proud of creating products and services in our areas of competence and expertise. Often, the required audacity involves an appropriate risk. However, eventually, this is the only approach that allows a differentiation from the mass. Commonness is normality; and normality has no place in the industry. In addition, the acquisition and usage of specific expertise reduces the risk of development for startups massively.

The way we think and work does not differ from the way the startups we mentor ultimately do. What makes a real difference are more than 15 years of experience with innovation projects and entrepreneurs. We have provided various companies from diverse industries with their first steps while they have opened up new perspectives to us: private energy supply with neovoltaic, medical gadgets with BBBOOM, European air passenger rights with Fairplane, children entertainment with Kiko and embedded systems with kocoon. The variety in terms of content and implementation are not really considered to be scarce goods at

Startup is looking for

Big agencies are mostly suboptimal for the support of startups; rigid hierarchies and fixed structures often contradict the basic thought of innovation and differentiation. On the other hand, also one-man agencies are stretched to their limits rather fast when mentoring startups. This is due to the size and capacities of their resources. Within this context, all the alleged disadvantages of an individually managed and structurally flexible agency turn out to be advantages. It is them that allow us to play with anticycles, technical feasibility and early adoptions.

However, not everything that is new is necessarily considered good. A flash of genius might be a good opening point for a startup but an actual idea definitely requires far more. The concrete formulation of a business plan facilitates both young companies and ourselves to gain insights into the awaiting costs and the potential output equally. In addition, this process of ascertainment separates the wheat from the chaff - what is meant well may dash against the specification or lead to a dead end of ineffectiveness. And this is where we have to take drastic measures: we don’t work with startups whose ideas do not make sense to us or which we can’t represent confidently. How do we decide on that? With common sense and a good nose that has worked well for us in the past.

Not everything that is new has to necessarily be good. is looking for a startup

Each and everyone of us has had an idea that has made us ponder - at least for a moment - the next big thing that will change the world and, in addition, converts into money at the same time. We are looking for startups that have already taken a step further and are looking for a way to turn their idea into an entire reality. Alongside with the willingness to invest time and money, it requires an intensive involvement with the domain you want to step into. Am I really able to be that innovative? Can I fill a niche or enter the market competitively?

It is always all about the difference. But one thing remains constant for all the startups that might be of relevance for us: they are aware of the pain. They have felt this very pain. Only those who are under pressure to perform feel a need to give everything to change something.

It is always all about the difference. But one thing remains constant for all the startups that might be of relevance for us: they are aware of the pain. They have felt this very pain. Only those who are under pressure to perform feel a need to give everything in order to change something.

Found? does not position itself as a business angel in the classical sense since it is not about money but about everything else - startups have to develop rapidly by necessity in order to assert themselves on the market. The ordinary growth of a small firm is insufficient for that purpose - a kick-start is what is needed. This might be a familiar concept in terms of financing, but commonly investments are made for ones own sake without having checked the idea adequately for its market potential. does not focus on money but assistance in development - what matters are performance and results.

The infrastructure we provide shortens pathways and the necessity of establishing the own, long-winded, organizational structures. We hold all availabilities required for a flying start into the business - full service. Thus, the workflow can be optimized with a low expense of human resources, an aggressive market entry, and overall innovative developments. All enabled by the interaction of create, engineer, and advise.

Customers mean more to us than just customers. We never cooperate with more than two companies at the same time in the area of a startup support. This is the only way we are able to ensure comprehensive and personal support at the highest stage. This is the only way we can together with our customers acquire a path to reality.

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A flash of genius is not yet considered a startup. In order to be able to reach establishment on the market - you need more than a profound idea, readiness for work and financial means. A competent partner who is able to provide - beyond know-how and an insight into the industry – the appropriate infrastructure for an efficient kick-start. is well-placed for this task with create, engineer, and advise. This is why we guide startups during the development of their company and support them with our heart and soul - full service. After all, we all started from scratch.

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