The new house of economics Digital architecture in 3D

Digital architecture in 3D

The new house of economics

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Day after day being pampered with 3D by the real world, we reluctantly consider ourselves satisfied with the lack of plasticity in the virtual one. “The new house of economics” the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber should not have to do without this.
Happy people, wide eyes, tiny tots; what is a proven schema of childlike characteristic in neuropsychology has become a measure that leads to a missing unique selling proposition in the best case due to the excessive usage in advertising - and losing temper at worst; with all the repair costs for computers, TVs or presenters associated.

The image campaign of the WKO (
(Wirtschaftskammer Österreich / Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) takes another path. focuses substantial, tangible matters of fact: steel, concrete, glass. Reliable, stable components impersonate the new headquarters of the chamber and, therefore, are the best testimonials for what the WKO stands for: reliability.

The elaborately produced assets were used in promotional videos, print materials and an app and conveyed realistic impressions of the benefits that are bestowed on clients, visitors and interested parties.

Stage 1: Shooting

Focusing functional innovations

Insights into construction and ground plans
True to scale reproduction of the building

Stage 2: Concept

Concept Development

Stage 3: 3D Modeling

3D Modeling
Blocking Out

Stage 4: Multilayering

Multilayering for x-ray views
Futuristic impressions with the presentation of the object

Stage 5: Compositing

Implementation of the presentation system

Stage 6: Dissemination

Finalization and deployment in diverse fields of application
Print, App, Video

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