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In a three-dimensional reality, a two-dimensionality of the digital counterparts can be seen as a disappointment. offers equality: interactive three-dimensionality for all realities.
A tour through the streets and neighborhoods of Vienna shows the countless impressive architectural buildings the city has to offer. Effectively bringing valuables of real estate to the Internet requires more than just a good camera apparatus. An in-house production called Casak allows interactive 3D real estate tours and viewings – including surprising features, details, and customization options.

From 2D to 3D

In the beginning it was an image; more specifically about twenty of them. They showed photographs all relevant to aspects of a property, which then reacted to complex work defined as a 3D model.

Der interaktive Architekturrundgang in einer winterlichen Sci-Fi-Umgebung
Die Einzelansicht der Ebenen und das Benutzerprofil
Die Ebenenvisualisierung ohne Wand, samt Ausstattungsoptionen
Die X-Ray-Visualisierung im kontextualen Umfeld
Licht- und Schattenspiele nach realem Vorbild
Filigrane Details im Exterior Design

From presentation to interactivity

3D modeling is already done for a long time. In order to operate as individually as possible when immersed in the world of Casak, the application is equipped with numerous features: different camera movements, daytime –dependent light and shade conditions, modifiable floor, wall, and interior design along with walls, roofs and surfaces. Each of these make Casak an interactive house stimulating the joy of playing. Control is via Javascript and despite the intuitive handling - it occasionally provides the surprising additional feature.

Die 3D-Frontansicht mit Navigationsleiste
Die Vogelansicht des EG mit Boden-, Wand- und Stiegengestaltungsoptionen
In den Räumen ermöglichen Längen- und Größenangaben konkrete Planung

Cross-industry Applications

Not only the obvious companies such as real estate agents or interior designers can benefit from personalized and interactive software, which allows their customers or partners to see the real experience virtually; also event organizers or architectural projects can benefit by using the Casak for displaying their properties as an interactive 3d presentation which can be freely explored by the user.

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