Crossmedia Campaigning The right mix of media

The right mix of media

Crossmedia Campaigning

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New media, Old media, or Social media – doesn’t matter, all are considered different forms of media. All integrated reasonably in what crossmedia campaigns are really about. A Guidance to responsibly integrating media.
For a long time, it is not an entrepreneurial choice to decide exclusively in favor of print ads, online banners or TV spots. Changes in behavior of target groups, contact points, and the overall usage of devices, have made the choice of the allegedly best-suited standards outdated. Crossmedia has already managed to find its way into both the local and international agency industry.

Within the communications industry, crossmedia describes the addressing of a recipient throughout media to transport a message within an actual campaign. The story remains equivalent for each and every channel, yet is processed differently for each one of them. Therefore, a poster on the side of the road can consist of a QR code that leads to the website, and a fan page or even the download of an app when scanning. Through this, not only can financial resources be used more efficiently, but the customer also benefits from the added value that is demanded through higher involvement and suggested relevance.

Sounds rather promising. If you believe those who have actively practiced it for several years now, then it is truly promising indeed. In order to make your first time successful and efficient, rather than result in a disappointment, one has to clarify some key aspects: Which kinds of content should be published and on what channels? Which target group do I reach best via what medium and at what time of day? How can I come up with a good story or message that will allow me to be communicated on all channels in an equally adequate way? And what elements are crucial to uphold for a crossmedia campaign?

Which message?

The ultimate choice of the correct message depends mainly on the business objective, target groups, and the overall product. Independently from the campaign being geared to goods or the company as such, you need to decide whether the objective is to increase sales or spice up the image. You also need to be able to decide whether the target group is students aged 22,3, who have a specific preference for tropical insect species or whether its a target group of early-retired women with aches in their left upper-lateral-tissue-fiber-triceps-nerve-muscle; in complexity, tonality and proposition, the message needs to always be appropriate and fitting for the particular reason.

You already have a message? Fantastic! Then you should be able to answer the following questions in the blink of an eye:

  • Do you speak directly to your target group? Does the style and design meet the needs of the target group?
  • Is what you say relevant your customer? Do you communicate the values appropriately?
  • Does your proposition differ from that of your competitors?
  • Do you come across as capable and reliable?
  • Does your message provoke curiosity?

Which branding elements?

In order to shape all contact points of a brand within communication consistently, individual elements must vary naturally from case-to-case. Among the most conventional contact points, the website, sales, or company brochures, letters, emails, and business cars are considered to be the most prominent ones.

These tools have to firstly be perceived as an entity and have to be represented harmonious as a whole. It is crucial to note, the visual impression matters the greatest. The logo or emblem is the most important symbol for recognition and should be memorable, and at the same time appealing and distinct. Formulating a slogan can, especially in the early stage, be a big help when it comes to the transportation of a message that needs to be clear and precise. The logo must also be loaded with connotations that lead towards the intended direction. Furthermore, various design guidelines rank among the must-haves that facilitate a coherent appearance of integrated marketing on all channels. Colors, fonts, sizes, proportions, and a consistent visual style implements the important value in overall brand recognition. Taking this a bit further with the choice of embossing or the thickness of the paper can add to their share for this purpose.

Which channel? And when? And how?

Now lets get straight to the point. The choice of various channels along with accompanying decisions are numbered among the tasks of crossmedia marketing, which require a lot of time, brains, and time. Along with the target group, devices, and expectations regarded to the company lead to specific clarifications of key questions:

  • Which device does the recipient use to arrive at the channel?
  • What is the best date and time for getting into contact with the recipient?
  • What frequencies and pauses have to be obeyed within the contact?
  • What kind of reaction shall I expect from the recipient?

Studying the market

The greatest example and advice for successful crossmedia marketing derives from - unsurprisingly - the industry itself. Once fully completed, the matter looks different in each case, yet some parameters comprise of very interesting ideas.

  • Offer your customer with exclusive content on individual channels and one where they are not able to perceive others. For example, upload the outtakes of a TC spot, Youtube video, or make an alternative version of the print brochure accessible on the website. Continuously new options (keyword: Augmented Reality) generate the possibility to create new kinds of customer experiences that remain within their memory.

  • Make use of dialog-able channels (social media, blogs, forums) in order to interact with your customers and utilize them as a feedback platform for monolog-channels (TV, print, radio).

  • If you manage to obtain the appropriate data and approvals, then you are capable of making your customers aware of various mail you send them within a few days in personalized e-mails. Along with the – let’s say – codes they are about to receive individually via mail, will allow them to enter a surprisingly new online world or make a bargain in a shop nearby.
  • Stick to the concept of your experience. Even though you run various channels, the recipient should not be exposed to varying sets of emotions. If you focus on family and comfort on TV, you cannot just switch to hightech, technology and trendsetting online without breaking your integrated appearance conceptually.

Several studies have shown that integrated campaigns offer measurable advantages in comparison to mono-medial approaches. A higher customer response and a considerably larger ROI rank among the most promising to the marketers’ ears – as well as to those responsible for the overall budget.

Do you think all of this is a far too optimistic advertising gimmick? Give it a try and prove the total opposite.

Too long; didn't read

Finding the right mixture is the key.

The choice of the right communication channel is far more than just a easy single choice. In order to achieve successful composition of both marketing and advertising campaigns, numerous experts argue for an approach to crossmedia that makes the most out of the several aspects of the procedures.

Almost at the point of using classic measures to introduce yourself here, is the integration of QR codes on print materials or on the attached poster invitation to visit a website or fan page. And yet it could be far more exciting and interesting by implementing technical know-how, as this allows for impressive integration of different media and generates attention – keyword Augmented Reality. The financial and CRM benefits of cross-media campaigns have been demonstrated in numerous studies; So what are you still waiting for?

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