Compete to win Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

Compete to win

Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

Design Relaunch

The bar was set high for the new image brochure of the successful re-launch design for the prestigious law firm. Integrating the corporate visuals and the communication of image values, provided the basis for visually stunning storytelling between the poles of sport analogies and law. Synergies and ambiguity mold the verbal result and show how the law firm can also deliver top sporting performances in order to win.

Reaching victory in stages

Working on the project from the very first scribbles, to finding an accurate analogy, led very quickly to a coherent concept of illustrations of stock footages and hand drawings. The employees identification along with a particular discipline was often times surprisingly obvious. Each partner chose a sport which was relevant to his nature and focus. All sport options were staged with poses and statements that enhanced the uniqueness and individuality of personalities.

Although the values of goal orientation, skills, and team spirit all stood together as a common focus, the interpretation of these factors were as diverse as the sports themselves. Whether a powerful offensive player or defensive tactician, a solid team performance or saving the final sprint; in sports and in law, a single move can be extremely crucial.

Statement colors

The third pillar of corporate design was compacted and partially inflated: monochromatic images, lots of white space and little, yet all the more accentuated statements, allow the branding to look even more intense. The red aspects of the logo becomes the target, the symbol of determination, strength and passion. This sign represents fwp’s values every day for their clients.

Legal value orientation in a sporting context

Each discipline requires an individual to use the combination of strength, intuition and timing. The partners’ and lawyers’ specializations at Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner clearly represent how diverse causes have to be treated in order to succeed.

The image brochure with the reduction of specific facts, strongly brings across what distinguishes fwp from the others: a good lawyer counts just as much as a professional athlete - the win is what truly matters.

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