reBranding FWP Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

reBranding FWP

Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

The Basics

The very Basics. Like a challenge, the red richness represents itself on the clean, white ground and leaves undoubtedly that Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner take their cases and clients serious. Legal consultation and representation in various areas of competence receive a visual mouthpiece with new corporate design, one that relies on clear forms and colors. Through this they provide a scope for maneuvering in regards to content

The Story

The Story. Not just as an analogy to the red card in football, but rather as a holistic interpretation, the corporate design bears reference to the values of competitive sports and competitions in general on various print materials. Endurance, determination and the desire to win count among the main factors, which provide legal theory with a human component and efficacy. Data and facts become powerful arguments; lawyers become allies in the fight for one’s own justice.

The execution

The execution. Besides the website, print material and business cards, the Corporate Design can be brought into the public in countless further ways. Not only in a visual way but also in a topical manner. The concept was implemented in a conclusive manner along with a wink. Starting with the hand exerciser for the occasional workout or dextrose sachets for the crucial energy kick, right through the carabiner-enhanced lanyard for extra support.

Three values that reoccur in every detail:
Competence. Team Spirit. Determination.

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