The digital Flagship Store Liska Fashion

The digital Flagship Store

Liska Fashion

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... is a catwalk

Haute Couture goes Haute Digitale. Because fashion is calling for a new way of being presented online. The digital flagship store presents couture from Antonio Marras to Yves Saint Laurent Liska on the catwalk - digitally.

Shoes, bags, dresses – high-class fashion on the go through mobile use at anytime from anywhere.

... is a magazine

The website functions as a digital magazine that takes the catwalk to any place where the user decides to enter.

... is a shopping guide

Photography by Elfie Semotan shows the nature and effect of the garments in action on the female body.

Urban settings and unconventional angles present the cuts and materials in proper light and emphasize the edgy extravagance the label stands for.

... is a window shopper's paradise

The imagery does not only highlight the fashion’s aesthetics, but also simultaneously function as a consultant for suitable combinations of garments and a style guide.

The color-reduced silhouettes for females in various postures are also adjusted to the individual item and powerfully stage it.

and finally yes, it's a shop

Spot it, fall for it, and possess it. No window shopping is complete without allowing yourself the luxury of buying that piece of clothing you can’t avert your eyes and heart from. In a realistic setting and with a lot of passion, the platform facilitates the final step for the customer: “Add to basket”.

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