Discovering hidden treasures. First Mallorca Web & App Systems

Discovering hidden treasures.

First Mallorca Web & App Systems

Digital customer magazine meets real estate catalogue with a difference.

For the digital presence of the luxury real estate agent First Mallorca, data and facts are complimented with beautiful impressions and an understanding of the Mallorcan lifestyle.

For the very purpose of orientation on the island, a 3D map was custom-built for the company. NASA and Google records (1) were supplemented with the height profile of Mallorca (2) and yielded visualization with full interactive controls (3).

Fully integrated into the custom interface, the real estate database gives some indication of what properties are available in which region and what sorts of features are offered to their clients. The design of the app sets focus on a rich green and free space as an alternative to the classic white space. It consists of a very distinguishable nuance of symbols by using color coding such as pink and green to differentiate between what is available for sale or rent. The interface is completely skinnable.

Database linkage and transparent search interface

The connection of the complete data, from the facts and figures, to the comparisons of property values and imagery, turns the search option into a powerful client interface. Due to the effective client-side database - the queries searched can be answered in real time. This allows for the search procedure to be effective for all clients looking for specific characteristics in properties.

Digital Lifestyle

First Mallorca's digital magazine is an extension of the real estate database and brings emotion, lifestyle, and the Mallorca savoir-vivre all together in one. For this reason, close group work was done amongst local editors and photographers to show how special and unique the island truly is,

Data integration and localisation

The app is available in nine languages to reach out to any customer and pick them up, as a clear form of digital hospitality. The localization of the content takes place semi-automatically. External data, e.g. from the CRM system, Flowfact, the real estate database, Infocasa, or from the developed maps system; are all aggregated and integrated via kaidoo:data. The multilingual web editor interface is tied via the kaidoo:CMS.

Technical refinement and personal insights made for an attitude towards life - Mallorquin style.

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