New partner for security solutions Starting shot for the cooperation with Airlock

Starting shot for the cooperation with Airlock

New partner for security solutions

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High-sensitive data, system-critical workflows and special security-requirements. The cooperation of kalbeck ventures and the Swiss-based IT security service provider Ergon targets applications and web solutions with exactly those requirements.
High-sensitive data has a lot of facets: in the banking and energy sector, for industry applications, for the development of smart home applications or the rollout of digital corporate infrastructure, the secure handling of sensitive information is oftentimes crucial for success.

As of now, Ergon Informatik AG is an official partner of kalbeck ventures GmbH. The highly specialized security software company has been deploying its solutions all over the world. Since 2002, the Airlock Suite cares for access protection and security at over 350 companies from diverse industries. Thus, the in-house product suite Kaidoo can be deployed with an external cooperation partner's solution on request, enabling auditing and certifications of high-security environments without having to give up the customization of the application's functionality, workflows or user interfaces throughout.

About the Airlock Suite

The Airlock Suite combines filtering and authentication in one aligned solution. The Airlock WAF (Web Application Firewall) reliably protects internet applications like Kaidoo with systematic control and filtering mechanisms as well as diverse options for extension.

The WAF, amongst other functions, combines a secure reverse proxy to terminate SSL with the virtualization of applications as well as a central policy enforcement point with upstream authentication and authorization. It enables multiple filterings, client fingerprinting with dynamic whitelisting as well as mechanisms like cookie protection or access token-based session management. Airlock IAM is the central authentification platform with enterprise functions. It enables clients, partners or employees to securely access data and applications with a single login and automates user administration. Thus, several instances of the Kaidoo Suite can be accessed with single sign-on, be it the CMS or restricted areas on a website.

About Ergon Informatik AG

Founded in 1984, Ergon Informatik AG currently employs 255 people, more than 80% of those being software engineers with a university degree, mostly from IT engineering at ETH Zurich, one of the top 10 universities worldwide.

Ergon Informatik AG is broadly diversified and performs services for highly varied industries. Ergon has proven outstanding expertise in the fields of financial services, e-banking, telecommunications and security. In 1997, the company has developed Switzerland's first e-Banking for Credit Suisse.

About Kaidoo

Kaidoo is the central web application platform developed by kalbeck ventures. Kaidoo enables to control the functionality and structure of an application throughout, from the server architecture and database stack to the modular application core and frontend rendering engines.

The system's strengths lie in fields of application that require a system to smoothly combine needs like performance, security, scalability and enterprise suitability with market challenges that are competition-relevant, such as customizing, focus on UX and customer-orientation.

The framework consists of highly modular components that can be joined in order to shape a variety of applications. The product suite contains Enterprise Content Management (KaidooCMS), IoT Frameworks (KaidooThings), Presentation Rendering Engines (Kaidoo Slides) as well as App Engines (KaidooScreen, KaidooMag). This enables Kaidoo to implement highly specific web applications while providing a solid base for dynamic innovation projects.

Kaidoo is currently available in version 5 and has been installed for diverse corporate clients. Examples for deployed solutions can be found under the menu item "Works" on this site.

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