Lifestyle and Markets. Bridge Building via App Bank Gutmann

Lifestyle and Markets. Bridge Building via App

Bank Gutmann

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Tradition through the ages.

Tradition throughout time. Managing to handle both modernity and innovation in a competent and open-minded way is not able to be done by blindly jumping on a bandwagon. It is about the strategic integration of new developments and requirements, which make tradition and experience tangible and worthwhile in a new way. The app for Bank Gutmann represents this successful balancing approach and enables a new perspective on what the bank stands for.

Bridge Building - between facts and emotion.

New medium, new requirements, new appearances. And providing a sense of tradition. launched an app for Bank Gutmann that presents financial experts and the banking industry from a new perspective. Professional investment assessments meet culinary recommendations, impressive facilities meet private insights. The tie and professionalism are presented with sincere emotion. Starting from the distant image of bankers driven by reason, a variety of personalities is revealed and is key in determining their quality of work.

History in a context

Not only as the bank’s app but also a positioning tool, this combination appears courageous at the first glance – and is indeed so. Getting rid of imposed masks and keeping up with the countenance in every respect to show it is not automatisms and machinery that drives the financial world, rather it is a combination of honest dedication and open-mindedness..

This freedom to openness is built on the longstanding and successful story of the institution. For almost 100 years, the bank has been proving – with the right partner – how crises and unforeseeable situations can be overcome. What kinds of obstacles arose is made visible through the juxtaposition of the bank’s history along with developments on the financial market. The contextualization of global and personal events transforms plain chronology into an impressive success story; complemented with the course of the global stock price.

The digital communication tool

Based on high gloss print magazines in tonality and structure, the Bank Gutmann app puts the very same symbiosis of both content and form into the front and center by staging the market reports and lifestyle articles in varying nuances.

Strong imageries, pithy content and an intuitive navigation come together to form a pleasant communication tool out of the “Gutmann” app. One that asserts itself between the corporate strategy and personalities along with the real facts and emotion.

Of contradictions
that may not exist.

The topics: banking & savoir vivre.
The position: respectability & intimacy.
The performance: elegance & opulence.
The values: tradition & innovation.

About the App

About the App

The app was published in September 2014 on the iTunes store. The “Gutmann” app is based on kaidoo:mag and utilizes kaidoo:screen as an app engine. kaidoo:CMS is called into action as an editing and publishing software.

The bank via the app continuously publishes market observations and analyses of the financial market. On a quarterly basis, it features cover stories about the diverse facets of lifestyle and charitable as well as the bank’s educational-promoting activities.

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