Places of Power La Biennale di Venezia

Places of Power

La Biennale di Venezia

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Places of Power.

Power. Gaining and managing to achieve it. Placing it and abusing it, demonstrating and losing it. The Austrian contribution to the Biennale 2014 in Venice under the direction of commissioner Christian Kühn (TU Vienna) and Harald Trapp is a place that provides a home for the power of respective people. Who gives those buildings such power? How do such architectures looks? And how do they represent the people they embody?

Parliament of Parliaments.
Walls of the world.

In cooperation with buero bauer, Coop Himmelb(l)au the Austrian pavilion examines questions from different perspectives and looks for answers through imagery. In “Parlament der Parlamente” (“Parliament of Parliaments”), models of all parliaments worldwide show the messages that are transported through diverse architectural styles.


Power receives a new area of freedom in the pavilion’s yard. The muddled green of the surroundings becomes a jungle of individuality due to the complimented sound installation of the creative group kollektiv/rauschen The virtual installations combine to form an overall visual impression.

Collective Power.
Collective Knowledge.

Being next to each other, with each other, or against each other in the field of power manages to find its way into the Internet as a participatory platform of knowledge. The democratizing principle of the web is tangible, readable, and comprehensible in the Wiki created by specifically for the Biennale.

Differences in Identity.
Shown in Equality.

In spite of different dimensions, relations, and conditions, the individual countries add up to form a large global picture. Therefore, each form of power, country size, and form of contribution has an equal importance that is made tangible in the print catalogue for Biennale. Country data and facts along with the peculiarities of power are presented on two separate pages. The national flags were re-enacted and serve as a colorful front for the home page on the web. To the website:
To the wiki:

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