Fairplane Passenger Services The Web Startup for Passenger Rights

Fairplane Passenger Services

The Web Startup for Passenger Rights

Keep flying, more flying, cheaper flying. The moment where everything is supposed to run smoothly, yet when flying everything didn’t go as planned is the very moment when Fairplane comes into play.

Fairplane is one of the leading platforms for helping airplane passenger claim their rights. kalbeck.media supported the online startup in the application development logistics, interaction design, brand identity, and with their corporation presentations – so further passengers can be satisfied with flying.

Startup Identity & Informationsdesign

The brand is seen as a high-tech consumer platform; the site is oversimplified and directed alike.

The visual context of allegedly abstract services makes complex ideas understandable and personal benefits simply complete.

The main aspects of both quality and brand image are transparency, technology, competence, effectiveness, and confidence.

Web-Frontends, Wizards & Workflows

Complex facts are recorded online – these are highly specific for each user, yet still widely automated in order to allow efficient processing.

The demands for the process result in a clean interface with a strong customer focus. The usage of the platform has usability, ease-of-use, and transparency as USP over the competition.

About Fairplane

Fairplane is characterized by a success rate of over 98.5% and effectively deals with about 20,000 cases per year. Fairplane is one of the European leaders in protecting passenger rights and has protected over 320,000 passengers.

The Facebook-Presence of such a grateful community shows that even the negative aspects of traveling can come with a positive ending.

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