Presenting Powerserv Presenting Personalities

Presenting Powerserv

Presenting Personalities

The corporate presentation system for Austria’s leading recruitment company staged the new mandatory contents: key figures and activities, services, and other unique features. The presentation uses information design that places focus on the clarity and intensity of expression.

Custom made solutions with an Eyecatcher.
The visual individuality makes Powerserv’s company presentation an independent marketing tool.
For acquisition, events, and for argumentation to indicate suggested solutions.
For B2B and B2C.

Concrete, Concise, and Specific
The tape measure is used as a chart element in order to communicate tailored solutions: a sharply-edged Austria map is used to demonstrate fitting solutions; Straight beams are used to guide performance to their destination; the final implementation might look specific to the statements and information but must also be a part of the visual aspect.

Small details and subtle deviations from the norm bring an eye-catcher that shows interactively and individually that a presentation can be as unique as the company itself.

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Definition as a solution - a particular version of kaidoo:screen allows for the use of the kaidoo:CMS as a presentation management system for the central distribution of high quality content.