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Sometimes lifesavers need support as well. The print campaign for a product launch of Dräger Safety presents the hard work of the heroes in everyday life.
Since 1889, Dräger Safety (www.draeger.com)
is considered a synonym for safety technology in more than 190 countries. Not only in the medical or industrial industry but also in supporting local and international fire departments - the company has become a renowned partner.

The print campaign for the launch of the new fire escape hood, highlighted the hard work for those who risk their lives each day to rescue others. The purpose of the fire escape hood is to support this exact goal: during the escape from buildings in flames, the hood is pulled over a person’s head and provides him with pure air for up to 15 minutes – this is generally a long enough period to be rescued.

The intention for the print campaign was to make it not any less heroic than the actual rescue – a little bit of a Hollywood flair, a pinch of a superhero comic and the explicitly perceptible power, were all central elements during the conceptual phase.

In fact, even the simulated escape situation during the photo shoot showed the experience and dedication of the male protagonist. Someone who is used to dangerous circumstances in his profession as a volunteer and can recall them well in his mind.

The very same facial expression and posture were captured by Felicitas Matern (Photography, feel image (www.feelimage.at)
) camera. A dramatic cue with exciting camera angles, turned the talented amateur models into the leading characters of a frightening and all too real scenery.

Collage Making Of

The posture and choice of images were aimed for a realistic replication of an emergency situation demanding the usage of the fire escape hood. Posture, facial expression, gestures; direction of escape, assignment of roles and dominance: the only thing that was missing was the fire itself.

The postproduction enabled to carve out contrasts, color shades, lighting conditions and shadows. The insertion of a corresponding background put all that in a very dramatic context.

Dräger Postprocessing
Die Entwicklung vom Studiobild hin zum Anzeigensujet

Anzeige final

The final advertisement is not just paying tribute to the firefighters’ commitment but also presents the fire escape hood in the proper light.

Because heroes need support as well.

Inserat final

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