kaidoo:screen client architecture Feature Visualization

kaidoo:screen client architecture

Feature Visualization

Technologies grow….

… with their challenges. Thus, the client rendering engine forms the heart of kaidoo:screen up until today and serves as the basis for further development of the kaidoo product series.

The visually dense infographics illustrate the features and areas of application of the versatile and extensible rendering engine – from mobile clients, desktop, and TV to on-site collaboration and live skinning.

The boundaries of a specific form of presentation are exhausted when it can no longer represent a certain state of affairs. Data, information, coherences, and hierarchies of kaidoo became so diverse that they had to be divided into individual and self-contained products systems. They have to be considered and explained separately.

What remains is a logically structured, coherent content visualization concept for the technology kaidoo that is visually based on the bird’s eye view of the iconic Burning Man Festival.

Technoid, fact-oriented and complex… and maybe a little intimidating, too.

Weiterführende Artikel

The KAIDOO product series

Digital precision tools

Highly specific functionality, optimal symbiosis, and developmental efficiency allow kaidoo:screen, kaidoo:things, kaidoo:CMS, and kaidoo:data to be transformed into tailored and up scale technology tools in the area of digital manufacturing. kaidoo:slides and kaidoo:mag complement the product series as the valuable solutions.


Building new stuff

Technology does not equal technology. According the individual requirement, interest, and corporate fit, kalbeck.media always finds the right solution - or simply builds it.

kaidoo:screen Top 5

The best sites & apps

UX oriented multi platform rich media app engine.
Or something similar to that. No matter how you call it, in the end kaidoo:screen is a software that allows for web and app projects to be implemented - individually and efficiently.
This is our Top 5.

Facts vs. Understanding

Areas of conflict in technology communication

Comprehensible, geared to the target group, and user-orientated is what technology has to present itself with to be able to compete in the fight for attention. The following examples show possible ways how this is done.