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Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

Search for talents. The increasing professionalization of employer branding shows how not only applicants but also companies want to be on their best behavior to enable efficient and enjoyable employments. Doing your best to reach the best. Normally, a successful search for talent goes along with the company’s overall success and performance.

Tipped for success. Impartiality, competition and ambition are determinants that accompany working in law and should, therefore, be brought along by applicants. Mental and physical fitness are mandatory. With its career folder, fwp chooses the most relevant characteristics of professional practice and presents itself in a sporting context. Bootcamp goes legal.

The coach as a mentor. Learning from the best and giving the best; in legal everyday work, the passing on of experiences is a very promising method of gaining a foothold in the job quickly and efficiently. Skilled lawyers show aspirants of what it really is about and care for the right motivation for quick and long lasting success.

Ambition and strength. Far from a walk in a park, the profession of a lawyer can be both physically and mentally demanding. Bright minds breathe life and new perspectives into routine procedures and loom large for fwp. If an employer managed to generate awareness and attention from the right applicants, consistency and innovation can on their own find their right place.

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Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner

Total commitment to causes and clients. Able to master any challenge with body and mind. The image brochure for fwp shows determination as well as ambition.
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