The booth as a factor of success Exhibition stand design as a marketing tool

Exhibition stand design as a marketing tool

The booth as a factor of success

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Rarely, can one enjoy such an interested audience – and still have to compete with immediate competition within the smallest spaces. A stand at an exhibition has to be persuasive – in regards to the concept, design, and overall implementation..
Please come here – step closer!
As warm, eye-catching, and welcoming as the call of a ringmaster - the stand should assert itself on an exhibition, though perhaps not quite as invasive.

Since exhibitions are considered to be the embodiment of target-group-specification, they are every companies dream. They desire to establish a reputation within the industry including end consumers, investors, and business partners. This is done in order to remain in their minds for as long as possible since one always has to show a product from the nicest, most aesthetically pleasing way. The essential role plays – in addition to the friendly and open care of the employees – to the overall stand itself. How should it look? What should it be capable of carrying? And how bright is the lighting actually supposed to be?

The planning phase

The development of a concept clarifies all the relevant questions or issues that need to be addressed for the exhibition. Will there be a custom theme or should simply the core message be conveyed? How much space is available and how can it be used most efficiently in width, length or in height? Is it a respectable location within the hall or can it potentially be improved? Will there be treats produced specifically for the exhibition? Which options of display will be used – products, banners, roll-ups, monitors?

Die Skizze des Stands berücksichtigt den Platz, die Marke und den Zweck
Grafiken, Beleuchtung und Interaktionselemente werden aufeinander abgestimmt
Das 3D-Modell des Stands

Similar to any contact to the public - taking the concept of an exhibition stand in mind - there are central questions that must be answered: Who is my main target group? Which message do I want to convey? Which ideal options do I have to recruit a contact?

The management of the message may vaguely be oversupplied in exhibitions as a specific interest in the subject is to be expected from the visitor. Nevertheless, the message has to be clear, simple, and memorable from the first glance. Posters, banners, and large areas of display spaces mislead vendors to use huge amounts of texts as a form of presentation. However, the space capacity should in fact be used for symbols and shapes - through this creating an incentive for the visitor to come closer. Please make sure to note the following: if text is placed too far down then you're motivated and responsive staff will manage to cover it up.

The luring phase

When being in constant direct competition with the other exhibitors, the main challenge one faces is the ability to stand out from the crowd. Being higher or louder does not rank within the permissible conclusions for this task, instead it is simply about being “better”. The charming staging of companies and products must be perfectly organized and coordinated. In this case, “less is often more”, as some aspects should be in clear focus in order to incentivize a closer look instead of assembling the whole range of products. Odors and tastes are to a certain degree able to generate awareness. Culinary samples firstly appeal to the basic human needs, but can also certainly lead to a positive attitude towards the position, mainly due to the potential threat. Odors can even function better over a bigger distance, yet, at the same time you have to be aware: if the others stand around you count on olfaction, since a scent overload is almost inevitable to avoid.

Indect Messestand
Corporate-Wegweiser von Indect und starke Farben ziehen Besucher an

The comfort phase

As soon as a visitor approaches your stand, there is one main motto to address: he has to stay – or even better - he has to want to stay. Cozy furniture, soft lighting, appealing colors and a sound level – if it is in your power it fits directly to the surroundings and the occasion. This will establish an atmosphere automatically enabling the visitor to sense sympathy and the feeling of well-being.

Phoenix Messestand
Der Messestand von Phoenix für: innovative Zahnimplantate

Individuals who sell food or cosmetics have an easy job when it comes to facilitating a product test right on site. However, it is not always that simple to make quality and value graspable. Any technology that is available can be utilized in order to express a very convincing first impression. Interactivity is the magic word.
Beim Besuch des Stands durchlebt der Gast das Produkt
Der Stand der neovoltaic AG im Einsatz auf der Intersolar, der weltweit größten Fachmesse für Photovoltaik

The customer loyalty phase

Every single interaction with the visitor is unproductive if he is unable to be converted into a prospect. Customer-oriented interactions give the staff a chance to receive contact data of the guests and turn the cautious conversation into one of a promising sort. This is achieved by providing the appropriate follow-up support for the customer. Establishing the contact should occur within a few days after the exhibition and must be designed as personal as possible. Taking effective notes of the conversation can be extremely helpful when it comes to showing interest and importance to the given company.

And eventually, this is what allows for the shift from a potential customer to a loyal one.

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