About Us

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The best ingredients made to measure – for results to individual tastes.
All done by the digital manufacturer in the heart of Vienna .


Telling stories new

Sophisticated, surprising and very unique - from the first conceptual work to the final product. Anyone who wants to come be on top has to be convinced all along.


Building new stuff

Technology does not equal technology. According the individual requirement, interest, and corporate fit, kalbeck.media always finds the right solution - or simply builds it.


Finding new approaches

We practice what we preach. kalbeck.media provides comprehensive support in the search for successful solutions between both the poles of trend and the ones of tradition.

Your first time

Startup & Innovation Engineering from Technology to Strategy

Mediocrity in life is boring. Mediocrity in business is fatal. Startups have to stand out and make a difference - kalbeck.media is able to start them off.