Vienna in figures.

They facilitate our daily routine as we know it and still stay out of the spotlight for most of the time - from public transport and energy supply all the way to treating the deceased and the bereaved respectfully, the Wiener Stadtwerke form the heart of the city. Together with their subsidiaries, they secure 64,300 jobs all in all and, thus, rank among Austria's biggest employers.

Discovering the unknown.

Entertaining and personal, at the same time even so informative - a requirement, that gives amble scope for creativity. This is how we drafted and produced an image video that combined the city's beauty with the key services of Stadtwerke and pointed out coherences. Under the motto "always. further. closer.", the three corporate key aspects security of supply, innovation and services were depicted and, subsequently, implemented as a single pager on the web.

About the company.

Wiener Stadtwerke is the principal service provider for infrastructure in the metropolitan Vienna area. Wiener Linien, Wiener Lokalbahnen, Wipark as well as Bestattung and Friedhöfe Wien are part of the group. The company fulfills the task of providing the most important services and institutions of daily life to the population of Vienna around the clock..

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