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If you dedicate your life to music, you cannot just do without it after hours. For Franz Welser-Moest, music plays a prominent role in most aspects of his life - and those aspects are what he wants to share with like-minded persons. For the probably most renowned Austrian conductor's website, the task was to combine the professional relation to music with the intimate, individual thoughts and ideas of the person behind. A minimalistic mosaic for information and inspiration.

About Franz Welser-Moest

Franz Welser-Moest ranks among the most renowned conductors of our time. Since 2002 he has been the musical director of the Cleveland Orchestra (US). He conducted the New Year's Concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the years 2011 and 2013. Franz Welser-Moest has received several honours and awards, while his numerous CDs and DVDs have been awarded many international prizes.

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They stay out of the spotlight most of the time, but they form the vibrant heart of the city - the Wiener Stadtwerke. An image campaign in sound, vision and words.
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Compete to win

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