Track your snacks the easy way. Snics. App Design.

Track your snacks the easy way.

Snics. App Design.

Diet Coach meets Food Porn.

When time is short and the time for meal breaks is even shorter, it is oftentimes the diet that suffers. Countless tracking apps promise relief - but as so often, keep it simple. Snics simplifies food tracking so there's nothing else left to do than to take pictures of the meal. Calories and nutritional values are automatically returned to the user, clear and easy to understand. So that you really stay on task this time.

Interface concept & design created by Kalbeck.

Profile Setup &

Nutritional Advice.

Daily Overview

& Nutritional Values.

in Calories

Food Diary,

picture by picture.

"Snics Lite", the app's beta version, is available for free on Google Play and iTunes and is currently in the process of setting up the database - together with its users.
Snics is a product of the 360 Factory.

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