Alterdyne (formerly known as e-nable+) is a platform for energy projects that connects project advisors with potential investors via a structured process. The rebranding target the brand name as a first step: due to the company's character and aims, the new name emphasizes the power of change ("alter" and "dyne", a former unit of force).

Out of the range of drafts, a classic, capitalized logo font was chosen by the customer. For higher memorability, the letters "A" and "D" were individualized and stylized.

Into the blue

In order not to follow the classic color scheme of "green" energy, three variations of the logo were drafted in traditional spot colors. The winner is a cool, established shade of blue.

Classic Shapes. Modernized.

Not only being a part of the logo but an addition, the stylized "A" can be used as an independent design element - from a browser favicon to the watermark-like graphic element in print.

Alterdyne is a global platform for project developers, advisors and investors in the energy industry. The solution offers digitalized consulting and networking services, paired with the corresponding know-how in order to facilitate the implementation of high quality alternative energy projects worldwide.

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