Make your house your home.
Have more than just your energy budget under control with Eco Home.

Using the sun, storing the sun, fueling up on the sun.

Solar energy now becomes a private charging station. A photovoltaic system with an attached energy storage device allows for the charging of electric cars, even in the evening and at night - while the sun has long set. The charging station of VERBUND and the Eco Home App smartly charge your car at the touch of a button. To make green even greener..

Prevention against bad feelings

Relaxation on vacation is easiest when everything is in best order at home. During short city trips and excessive long-distance journeys, Eco-Home simulates the residents' presence by turning lights, TV and other systems on and off cleverly. And in case something unusual is happening, however, the system informs you right away.

You certainly do not have to know about every little detail that goes on in your house. But shouldn't you at least have the chance to?
Eco-Home displays especially those events in your house in real-time that you have defined yourself as a resident; be it temperature, energy usage or the motion sensor of the cat door.

Test the demo

Test Eco-Home for free and discover the possibilities
for more security, more comfort and more efficiency.

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