Winner of the odds with World Cup fever with World Cup fever

Winner of the odds

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Tippwetten is a combines of a digital sports magazine and a transparency database used to compare bets on a dozen of different forms of sports, providing the best offer on the market in realtime. Design and technical implementation created by
Of course, the personal favorite team has to win. Of course, the opposing team is doomed. Of course, we hope for a win.

Those who enjoy an increase in the excitement of an upcoming game every now and then oftentimes feel a strong emotional connection with one of the teams. But not only the decision over victory or defeat makes a great difference in sports betting but also the odds of the various operators - this may fall into oblivion sometimes. Who in the end does really bother to compare all the odds that are present?

Does Bet365 offer higher odds on the winner than myBet? Does Ladbrokes offer a higher bonus than BetVictor? Does bet-at-home rate tie as more likely than bwin or betway? And, by the way, what are interwetten and netbet currently up to?

Tippwetten Logo provides an intuitive overview of the best odds, upcoming matches, and diverse strategies of betting. Even if the winner might sometimes be allegedly predictable, the heights of a possible gain differ from bookie to bookie.

Managing to conceptually, filter, structure and process lies in the hands of The technical requirements are implemented with a strong focus on clarity and UX. Thus, the graphical realization - from corporate design to the odds and match visualization - allows for a reduction of the essentials that in return is as efficient as possible. The efficient reduction of the elements of interest for sports fans: match details, odds and bonus programs.

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For the head-to-head comparison, visit (

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