Swapping partners on the web? trickyniki.com

Swapping partners on the web?


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Ventriloquist, comedian, entertainer, magician, Impersonator.
Tricky Niki leaves no ground untried - and is also successful with his businesses.
As a reward, he enjoys sold out shows and media attention en masse.
Plus: a website that manages to stage that appropriately.

Performing Online. Multifaceted personalities enter the stage extraordinarily – the actual one and the one on the web. Therefore, the Austrian mulitalent’s website combines illustrations with both photography and rich media elements. Created by kalbeck.media in cooperation with Bernd Weidenauer (illustration) and Felicitas Matern (photography).

Alongside the teasers of the new shows “Partnertaush” ("Partnerswap") and the interactive introduction of the characters as hand drawings, the website features photo-realistic elements and multimedia contributions such as video snippets – nonstop, 24/7.

The website manages to not only serve as a point of orientation for show dates and programs but also represents the ease and playful character of the artist. Two-time national champion of magic, among the worlds best ventriloquists and with large helping of humor; tickets are out now.

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