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Daniel Kalbeck

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Daniel Kalbeck is the owner and CEO of kalbeck.ventures.
With over 20 years of experience, Daniel has been developing digital products, online and high-tech startups, digital and analog brands, brand experiences and communication solutions. He teaches, works and researches in the fields of technology and innovation development, human computer interaction, user experience and communication design.

Academic Career

As a teenager Daniel studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
In the late 90s, he develops computer games, computer-based training solutions and early multimedia systems - at that time, entirely offline on CD-ROM. During his studies he works for companies like Oracle, the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) or the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education (BMUKK) as a multimedia artist.

In order to depict the diverse directions of his work he studies informatics, architecture and communication science and develops the branch of study "New Media Design and Engineering" that is acknowledged at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna. He mentors the subsequent student classes and holds lectures at the Institute for Industrial Software (INSO) where he gives students a better understanding for synergy effects and the potentials of creation and technology.

Besides his teaching activities Daniel researches in Europe-wide programs with private institutions like the Fraunhofer Institute and numerous European universities in the fields of human computer interaction, participatory design and digital product development. The conjunction of software engineering and dramatic theory, aesthetics, user experience design as well as the possibilities of digital media becomes his distinct emphasis of business.

Professional Career

In 2000, Daniel undertakes the management of the British-Austrian cross-media agency media.sliders that passes into kalbeck.media four years later - in 2015, kalbeck.ventures comes in addition. Customers include companies such as Sky, Merkur, Coca Cola, REWE, the Austrian Economic Chamber or Neumann Consulting.

In 2003, he develops the first Internet-of-Things product - a smart watch for medical purposes - long before the hype - and, among other things, takes over the technical lead of a Europe-wide alternative energy startup.

The digital manufacture, founded in 2004, focuses on the connection of innovation and product development in the IT sector with embedded, communicative solutions. kalbeck.media implements IoT applications and desktop app engines, develops technology infrastructures and conceptualizes brand experiences. Comprehensive advice in technological, creative and innovation-driven areas is also provided to startups in their early stages, primarily in Austria and Israel.

The composition and creation of brands and digital experiences that result from market- and brand-driven analyses and strategic advice define his creative focus.

Focus of Activity

From the outset, Daniel has been emphasizing the connection of design, engineering and innovation development and has been attending to digital product development and startup incubation with a strong focus on user experience and digital market and brand development.