Energy at your fingertips Products in 3D

Energy at your fingertips

Products in 3D

Power Product Design.

Being Austria's biggest electricity provider, Verbund not only has to handle diverse customer requirements, but a diverse product portfolio for private households: from electricity to gas rates, from smart home solutions to photovoltaik products.

This kind of assortment needs a frame that sets the agenda not only visually but also in terms of communication; that is easily adoptable and recognizable due to colorcoding and icons, but at the same time slots into the overall communication strategy - a visual guidance system in 3D.

A matter of haptic.

Putting your hand on things that are not tangible; both common problem and chance for various industries' communication.

Differentiating product attributes that are a customer's nightmare to distinguish.

Sun, Float and more.

Standard product categories like "electricity" and "gas" provide the basis, specific characteristics like "Float", "Flatrate" and "Sun Power" but also "Smart Home" display the details of Verbund's product range.

Enabling distinction while keeping up a consistent appearance; both in digital and classic media. For energy at your fingertips.

But: please do still keep your hands off electricity.