Facts on Food Delegate Software AG

Facts on Food

Delegate Software AG

You eat with your eyes.

Bald facts, efficiency and frictionless workflows shape the system catering industry. But behind that, completely different aspects are substantial: the value of the final product to the client, health and freshness. An area of tension, that Delegate has to face on a daily basis. Enterprise IT meets system catering.
Branding & pitch deck for an international enterprise software company in the food service industry.
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Faster, brighter, simpler. Communication is more visual, more precise and more graphical than ever. Information becomes an image, that functions much faster than it could ever be understood due to established schemes. Annoying for companies that have to transfer complex content, but a chance at the same time, to become dedicated to simplicity.

Visual Content.

In good shape. And color.

Not the bald facts, but the presentation and transfer of relevant content defines the core of the communication of information - in fact mostly independent of the industry; annual sales in factory canteens, average growth of bark beetles or the site overview of an international corporation.

Oftentimes, there is more that could be said than could ever be grasped. Fast Moving communication hardly leaves space for detailed descriptions, though - and that is perfectly fine. It puts companies in the position to focus on the core of their business, their products and their beliefs.
Therefore: quit the standard, bring in the eyecatcher.